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Venues All began as a music promotions company, initially to get more artists to make the journey to North West Wales – a place that has a thriving local music scene but where few ‘named’ artists travel to.

We started by promoting at The Bulkeley Hotel in Beaumaris, on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey and soon soon after promoting at Theatr Gwynedd in Bangor. Sadly, in 2003 we ceased our relationship with The Bulkeley – the practicality of getting dates that ‘route’ for artists in a busy hotel proved impossible.

Theatr Gwynedd (pictured left) was closed down in 2008 and demolished to make way for its replacement.

We developed relationships with various North West venues starting with the wonderful old Neptune Theatre in Liverpool and The Lowry in Salford. Shows were arranged at Pacific Road Arts Centre in Birkenhead – a venue where Venues All have now gone on to arrange more than 300 shows. The growth continued and we now work directly with venues throughout the UK.

The other ‘spin off’ during this time was the positive forging of links with other promoters and this lead in 2006 to the formation of The Gig Cartel – an umbrella organisation for four smaller promoting companies- Venues All, ARC, Music First and Flick Productions. This arrangement facilitated a much more versatile approach allowing greater flexibility for the artist due to the breadth of venues we worked with. Over the next five years The Gig Cartel promoted more than 1,500 shows and continues to promote more than 250 gigs a year.

We (both Venues All and The Gig Cartel) remain excited by our programme for the future and look forward to seeing you at the shows. We work directly with many artists and have contacts with the agents of all the others with whom we work. Some of these artists will consider performing at non-promoted events such as weddings, corporate events and personal celebrations.

In addition to the artists we promote, we have a database covering most of the UK for bands and performers suitable for all events. These include ‘original’ artists, cover bands performing music of all genres and tribute bands from ABBA to ZZ Top. We also work with Ceilidh bands and a small database of more specialised artists including Classical Ensembles, Choral performers and Steel Bands.

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss the entertainment requirements for your special occasion.

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